What is Vincent Limousine’s rate structure?

Your hourly rate for travel in Manhattan and its outer boroughs is based on a ninety-minute minimum. This means that if you request a vehicle and use it for only thirty minutes, you’ll be charged for an hour and a half. Why?
Because we base our rates on portal-to-portal service; the time your vehicle leaves our terminal until the time it returns. That additional half hour is travel time used to initiate your trip and complete it.
Your rate will reflect charges for tolls and parking if they apply. If they don’t, it won’t.

Your rate for service outside the greater New York metropolitan area will be quoted upon request. We’d drive you to California if you asked. Ask! But be prepared for us to quote you a price reflective of these types of trips.

Your rate will not include a chauffeur gratuity, so if you want to tip your chauffeur for extraordinary service, please do so. If you wish for us to bill you for your chauffeurs gratuity, just say the word, and tell us the amount.

Your rate may reflect a nominal fuel expense surcharge in times of national or international crude oil price spikes.

Your rate will include a per-minute charge for our on-board wireless communication devices. Please feel free to text, call, IM or e-mail from the back seat. You’ll only be charged if you use these services.