Who is an employee?

As defined by the IRS, an employee may be instructed when, where, and how to work and may be trained to perform services in a particular manner (independent contractors use their own methods). Vincent Limousine hires all of its chauffeurs as employees. This means that Vincent Limousine has total control over the amount of training its chauffeurs participate in, it has control over what the chauffeurs wear, and it establishes the rules that chauffeurs must abide by in order to be an employee of Vincent Limousine and Vincent’s managers are able to give reviews to monitor performance. Because all of our chauffeurs are employees and not independent contractors, we are able to schedule chauffeurs based on customer’s needs, not upon driver availability Vincent Limousine chauffeurs receive health benefits and 401K participation. Our career chauffeurs are extremely safety conscious as they depend on their clean driving record to earn their living.