DriveCam is a Palm sized digital video recorder with 2 lenses, mounted behind the rear view mirror of your limousine. One lens sees a 180-degree view out the front of the car, while the other captures the actions of the driver should there be an event.

Although DriveCam is constantly on the lookout, DriveCam is programmed to record only when an event is initiated. An event is initiated when the threshold level of G forces on the vehicle has been exceeded. Events can be caused by such actions as hard braking, rapid acceleration, harsh cornering, or by collision.

The initiation of an event causes DriveCam to record everything that it sees, and everything that it hears, during a twenty second interval, commencing ten seconds before the trigger, and lasting through ten seconds after the trigger. In other words, digital technology allows the DriveCamsystem to reach back in its memory and record what transpired before, during, and after the event was triggered.

Vincent Limousine closely monitors all recorded events that occur in all fleet vehicles. Driver profiles are built, and only drivers who have a history of safe driving habits remain part of the Vincent team. This means that you can be confident that your Vincent Limousine Chauffeur has proven to be a safe and responsible driver.

Should you have any questions about our use of Drivecam, please do not hesitate to contact Vincent Limousine.

At Vincent Limousine, the only thing we value more than your comfort, convenience and confidence is your safety.

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